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Israeli Innovation - The Best of 2015; What's Coming in 2016

posted by mysababa admin over 1 year ago

Viva press new vivapressama commented:
BDS… see my other answer, please.What make Israel so innovative? The million dollar question. It's a combination of things… top research, curiosity, patriotism, drive, risk taking, tikkun olam and an existential need to survive. Israel has the greatest number of scientists and engineers per capita in the world. Israel spends more on r&d relative to its size than any other country in the world. And Israel's main natural resource is its brain power.

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November 1st, 2016 @ 4PM EST: All Eyes on US: An Israeli Expert on the U.S. Election

posted by mysababa admin 8 months ago

Mysababa 1 mysababa admin commented:
Thank you so much Herb for your fantastic contributions to the conversation. Some great answers, and we look forward to welcoming you back.

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July 27th @ 3:00 PM EST: Fighting Media Bias - Dispatches from the Front

posted by mysababa admin 11 months ago

Fullsizerender joehyams_honestreporting commented:
Thanks graylock, and this answer is also for you bibs (below): The simple answer is 'yes, selectively'. I'm always conscious of our goal in closing the perceptual gap I mentioned in response to 'themodel' which for the most part keeps us focused on major news networks, press and outlets that impact public opinion and in turn foreign policy towards Israel. Giving Israeli outlets more coverage overseas through our community is something we do when for example that Israeli outlet becomes the very source of a major western news outlet. As the oxygen is already there, we'll be sure to call out both the Israeli source and the western outlet. You mention Haaretz, so let me share a couple links with you that make the above point by example.

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Fighting Hamas on the Front Lines “Ask Me Anything” with an Israeli Intelligence Officer

posted by mysababa admin over 1 year ago

Flag of israel.svg lt. col. shlomi b. commented:
I would like to thank all of you for participating in this conversation, for the intelligent questions and for the support you have and for standing with Israel on a daily basis. I hope that you got some answers and some new information that you can use in your efforts to defend Israel, to make our case. Thank you!

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We are Shoshana & Rebecca from Crossing The Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus. #AskUsAnything on Tuesday 3/17 @ 7PM EST

posted by shoshanapalatnik over 2 years ago

Shoshana headshot shoshanapalatnik commented:
Uniting and building relationships with other student groups is a fantastic idea! I highly encourage students to reach out as broadly as possible. There's always going to be a percentage of people who hate Israel - but the majority of students are neutral or apathetic. If you reach out and build positive relationships, it can have a very big effect! Pro-Israel students have a lot of potential to create coalitions and relationships with a very broad range of students and groups.

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I am Yotam from IsraAID in Nepal. #AskMeAnything about the relief efforts on May 28th at 8:30PM EST.

posted by yotamisraaid about 2 years ago

Yotam polizer yotamisraaid commented:
Good morning from Nepal. If any of you is interested in getting involved you can check out our website:, or our FB page- IsraAID. Thanks!

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I am a former officer in the IDF Paratroopers. I was wounded during a covert action in 2005. Ask Me Anything on May 4th at 7PM EST.

posted by aralewattensteinama about 2 years ago

Me thebigkohen commented:
why does hamas use their civilians as human shields?

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