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November 1st, 2016 @ 4PM EST: All Eyes on US: An Israeli Expert on the U.S. Election

posted by mysababa admin 8 months ago

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Thank you so much Herb for your fantastic contributions to the conversation. Some great answers, and we look forward to welcoming you back.

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AskMeAnything: The Iran Deal: Through the Eyes of an Iranian-Israeli - Tuesday, August 18th at 3:30PM EST

posted by profjavedanfar almost 2 years ago

Headshotmeir profjavedanfar commented:
Dear friends, you can also follow me on twitter after this event. My twitter handle is @Meirja

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A Syrian Refugee - Ask Him Anything on Monday 7/13 @ 7:30PM EST

posted by aminahmedama almost 2 years ago

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We'd like to extend an enormous thank you to Amin and the multifaith alliance. Please visit to learn more and donate!

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I am Professor Amos Guiora, expert in human rights and asymmetric warfare. #AskMeAnything at 8PM EST on Monday, April 27th.

posted by profamosguiora about 2 years ago

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We'd like to thank Professor Guiora for his excellent questions. We'll follow-up with a summary, and good night to everyone!

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