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Finding a new doctor to treat your health issues can be a big challenge, especially after you have moved into a new city. Asking for recommendations from family, friends and neighbors living there for a long time is one way to start searching for doctors. But, you may not get the right suggestion every time. There are different online portals helping you identify the appropriate medical practitioner for your health issues and in your vicinity. One such portal is Know Your Doctor, offering you the complete details regarding renowned doctors and clinics in Cyprus.

Founded in the year 2015, Know Your Doctor is an easy to use platform that can be accessed to search for any health professionals, doctors and hospitals. The online tool helps you find the best medical facility in and around your location in Cyprus. The website allows you to access the full record of doctors including their experience and ratings provided by patients. The website also suggests a list of doctors based on the disease or the symptoms being incurred by the user. For say, you are facing the problem of frequent teeth pain or mouth decay, then Know Your Doctor aids you get the most proficient dentists in your city.

Know Your Doctor, helps doctors to meet with patients with their advertising services. They ensure there are no fake or misleading reviews uploaded on to the website that enhances the credibility of hospitals in Cyprus or the qualifications of doctors.

Doctors have also shared their profile on the website for users to access which includes the field of their expertise and their experience. In addition, this portal assists doctors to enhance their profiles through uploading their achievements, qualifications and educational certificates which helps patients to decide the best doctor for them.

On the whole, Know Your Doctor is a website providing you the record of the doctors in Limassol and other such places in Cyprus and their field of specialty. They have information of all the surgeons, physicians and doctors in Cyprus and also provide authentic patient reviews of the doctors, clinics and hospitals.

For further details, you can visit http://www.knowyourdoctor.com.cy.

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