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13 years old, murdered as she slept for being Jewish

posted by iadv 12 months ago via:

Blue user icon iadv commented:
Killed by a Palestinian teen, fed a steady diet of murderous hate and incitement since early childhood. When will this end?

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The terrifying truth about airport security

posted by dsel 12 months ago via:

Picture?1390920615 dsel commented:
They're so focused on the plane that anyone can waltz in through the front door. Here's what Israel does right.

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Thursday June 2 @ 3:30 PM - Not the Onion (But Sort of) – Get to Know the Mideast Beast

posted by mysababa admin about 1 year ago

Ae mideast beast a.e stahl_ama commented:
It was my pleasure. Best wishes to all of you and again, thank you for your support.

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IsraAID on the ground in Canada

posted by spaz about 1 year ago via:

Blue user icon spaz commented:
These guys are amazing. From the Philippines to Canada, they're helping people recovering from disasters.

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